Our spy hearing aid accessories and hearing aids are relatively smaller and more cost effective than competitors. NOW ONLY £199 including postage and shipping! As can be seen from the pictures, not only is the side profile relatively smaller than the other leading brands, but the cross sectional area is around 40-50% smaller that other spy hearing aid.

Our Covert Hearing Aid~

This enables the hearing aid battery cover to sit deep in the ear canal compared to sitting on the entrance of the ear where it can be seen as in other brands. Our units are truly CIC devices(Completely In Canal) and can be removed pulling on the small extraction cord at the rear of the hearing aid. Always make sure you clean your ears with cotton Buds prior to fitting the hearing aid so that no debris or dirt can clog up the aperture of the hearing aid. This will ensure a long service life of the device.

The Covert hearing aid battery cover door is located at the rear of the device where it can be flipped open for easy access to insert a battery into the compartment. The compartment is designed in such a way that its impossible to insert the battery the wrong way round.

We now use RED TAB 5 the smallest Hearing battery on the market place ( they last Easily 8 to 20 Hours!) Do not confuse this with Cheap Far East units that have inferior circuitry and use Watch Batteries  337 ( SR416SW) Silver Oxide Watch Batteries, the smallest on the market for watches, but 15 times less powerful, this means you will be changing the battery every 20 minutes or so.  .Now you can insert the unit into the ear canal, making sure you have cleaned your ears with either Cotton Buds or Q tips and removed and excess debris or wax.Price £199(Including free Induction Loop worth £39)

We also supply a Blue tooth/ Hybrid loop that is worn around the neck and links via secure radio link to the radio receiver or mobile phone. This then sends the  signals to the hearing aid in the ear canal, no wires are used at all making this extremely covert.  This is rechargeable and does not require batteries and comes complete with a charger. These units will pair with most blue tooth devices and we do supply a seperate Bluetooth transmitter if your radio receiver is not equipped with one for an additional £100 Price £99 Jabra Neckloop only or £199 For Bluetooth/Hybrid loop and Transmitter

Standard impedance amplified and matched loops come free with every hearing aid saving you £39, but can be purchased separately. These loops come fitted with a standard 3.5mm Phono plug and adapter for 2.1mm sockets that fits into most universal mobile phones and radio equipment. Price £39 Standard Loop

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