How To Use

Please look  at the diagram to understand how to use the spy earpiece.

The operator has a hidden in the ear spy earpiece that sits deep in the ear canal and is totally invisible. The voice is sent to a radio receiver which then transmits it to the field coil worn under the clothing that relays this to the ear piece. There is no wires or leads going to the ear, everything is totally covert.

The spy earpiece battery cover door is located at the rear of the device where it can be flipped open for easy access to insert a battery into the compartment. The compartment is designed in such a way that its impossible to insert the battery the wrong way round, so protecting the circuitry. Simply close the small door once the battery is fitted. Batteries are 337 ( SR416SW) Silver Oxide Watch Batteries, the smallest on the market place and easily obtainable from all over the world.Now you can insert the unit into the ear canal, making sure you have cleaned your ears with either Cotton Buds or Q tips and removed and excess debris or wax before fitting the spy earpiece.

How to use the hearing aid when inserting and extracting from the ear-

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