We strive to make our latest scientific hearing aid design the smallest, most reliable, they are easy to use and are simple plug and play, no technical knowledge is needed to use our products. As you know, our products are by far superior and smaller than our competitors and value for money.

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News regarding Hearing aid Batteries

Using Zinc Air batteries>

Tom Begley, Divisional Vice President of Sales, Rayovac Batteries

How critical is it after pulling the tab to wait a minute or so before putting the battery in the device?

The zinc air battery is powered by air; if it doesn’t get enough air in through the vent holes before use, it will not work properly. We ask that you remove the tab and wait a minute or so to give the air a chance to get into the battery. It will then power right up and you’ll get great service. We have seen some issues in the past where the consumer did not let the battery “power up” and we saw premature failure or dead cells. If a customer does see dead cells, tell them to wait a minute once they peel the tab off. This should solve the problem.   

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