Bluetooth Hearing aid

We also supply Pendant blue tooth/induction hybrid loops that enable transmission from sound source, eg radio, MP3 without any connection to the generic host device such as a phone or radio receiver. Blue tooth hearing aid systems are extremely secure and covert making it virtually impossible for anyone to know what information is been transmitted. Its also very easy to use and implement the bluetooth hearing aid.

So, for example, you would have a mobile phone with blue tooth connected to our Pendant Blue tooth/Induction Hybrid loops around your neck or shoulder.

These are extremely light and discrete and can be worn around the shoulder, the pendant Hanging well below the armpit under clothing.

No wires are connected to the mobile phone which can be 10 feet away from you. The sound is transmitted form Phone to loop via blue tooth, then this is relayed to the hearing aid hidden in the ear canal. The Pendants we supply are rechargeable Jabra based units that come with their own USB charger and instruction book. These can also be used for relaying sound back to the Host unit using the built in microphone in the Jabra unit. Price £99

We also supply loop free Blue tooth units that clip under the collar and are extremely small. These units come with a standard socket for headphones or a loop, but we also can discretely add a small micro loop to these so all you wear in the main square Blue tooth unit in the picture clipped near the collar. Please inquire for further details and let us know your requirements. They have a built rechargeable battery and USB charger lead, and mains lead.

Price £99

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