Spy Hearing Aid

End profile view of covert hearing aids, ours is the one on the left~

ONLY £199 for the worlds smallest spy hearing aid including loop,shipping, tracked and insured!

These Spy Hearing Aids run on genuine Hearing aid Batteries that last 8 to 20 hours, these are not powered by Wrist Watch batteries that only last 20 minutes and have very poor sound quality. These are the smallest  and most powerful Spy hearing aids made to the highest possible standards using state of the art technology and components producing high quality sound!

We needed total covertness in transmitting sound to the ear invisibly, we searched but could not find any products that met our needs, neither from Spy-shop supplies or specialized hearing aid companies, so we decided to design our products that would not only be the worlds smallest Spy hearing aid but also would be totally invisible. These require no ear mould and with our loops, can be used by anyone with a radio receiver, mobile phone, transceiver, simply by just placing the loops 3.5mm plug connector into the standard socket and the hearing aid deep in the ears canal, one can hear any transmitted signal in total secrecy. The use of such covert equipment is paramount is situations where reliable information needs to be relayed to a target host, whether your a Government agent, private investigator, or film actor taking covert messages from a film director, these units can save valuable time in covert sound acquisition. Further, the use of separate frequencies of the radio equipment enables different people to be targeted in a localized area. Using the smallest Spyhearing aid in the world is practical, its sheer miniature size means there no need to take ear mouldswhich increases expenses. These covert hearing aids just fit easily in the smallest of ear canals.

Special Forces

Government Agencies

Inland Revenue


Private Investigations

Film Companies

Film Actors

We supply the smallest hearing aid in the market place that are totally invisible to anyone monitoring or looking at you and they sit deep in the ear canal  where they cannot be seen. These are incredibly small and probably the smallest hearing aids by far on the market. The units are totally wireless and cannot be detected using scanners because of how they work. So, if using a mobile phone or radio receiver you can secretly hear everything that is transmitted to you, conversation, music, exam results, covert instructions. See how to use section on this site for a more in depth picture of the actual setup of the worlds smallest hearing aids.

Note how small our hearing aid on the left in comparison to other leading brands~

Standard Hear Aid Units come with a free Induction Loop~Sound is transmitted to them via a fine wire loop worn under clothing or embedded into the clothing in the seam near the shoulder or around the neck.  See How To Use section on this site for a more in depth picture of the actual setup.

Bluetooth/Hybrid Induction Loops~ These do not need to be connected to the phone or radio, the phone transmits to the loop by Bluetooth and then by induction to the hearing aid, but still worn around the neck.

Bluetooth/Hybrid Loop-less~exactly the same, but have no loop and are worn under the collar and simply clip on, very discrete and small.

Cost~Smallest Hearing aid in the world are £199 with free loop and shipping. Shipping is free to most destinations and countries, but if you require a priority shipping company like  FedEx DHL or TNT, this will be extra, usually around £35 extra. We ship globally around the world and can deliver next day in the UK if you purchase before 3pm. We do discounts or bulk orders, and can reduce shipping costs, please go to the contact page to make an inquiry.

Purchase Online~Please go to a purchase page where we can accept Credit cards or PayPal. If you wish to pay by other means, or bank transfer, then we can supply details. No order is too small or too big, so if you just require a loop, that is no problem.


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